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Property Liquidation – Sales Criteria

Corey Talley is a commercial real estate agent helping multifamily investors identify, acquire, and market apartment buildings for sale. I take on the responsibility of providing market insight, marketing your commercial real estate for sale, and negotiating agreeable terms on your behalf with in-depth industry knowledge and experience.

Have you considered selling your apartment building?  Speak With Corey to obtain market insight and investment sales support for Washington, D.C.. There is a specific sector of multifamily apartments I specialize in… exclusively Washington, D.C. apartments, typically properties valued at $5MM or below, core-plus or distressed properties in need of added value, vacant or occupied.

Why Assign The Responsibility To Corey?

I hear this question all of the time from apartment owners who need to sell. There are many benefits to working with a commercial realtor who specializes in multifamily sales and has a mastered in real estate development, versus trying to sell your property with another agent. When you assign the responsibility to Corey…

  • Specialized Industry Experience is working in your favor
  • You get a Preliminary Market Analysis for confident decision making
  • A compelling Offering Memorandum to support a targeted marketing strategy
  • Closing occurs with reputable practitioners within the industry (you can choose your own Title Company if you want)

The ideal investor I can provide support for, owns… 

  • Multifamily Apartment Buildings
  • Located in Washington, DC
  • Distressed (physical or functionally obsolete traits, or distressed ownership )
  • Core and Core Plus

As a commercial realtor, helping you confidently market your apartment buildings for sale is my main objective.

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Commercial Sales:

If you have commercial real estate you’re looking to sell in Washington, D.C., in particular, multifamily apartment buildings, email me directly through my contact page or call me at (202) 681-9841.