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Both investors and developers who want to find multifamily properties in need of added value, search each month to find apartment buildings for sale with excellent upside potential.  Purchasing with an agent exclusively licensed in Washington, D.C. with a Masters in Real Estate Development and specializing solely in multifamily properties, helps you acquire assets in the most targeted and beneficial way.  Based on your investment profile, I provide you with investment opportunities that can be repositioned to demand higher rental rates and ultimately force appreciation to capture equity. I’m often able to provide a feasibility analysis that reveals development scenarios of increased leasable space for greater cashflow potential.

What happens next is you’re able to confidently disclose your intent and offer to the seller, negotiate agreeable terms and conditions, effectively exercise due diligence to mitigate likely and highly impactful risk and navigate settlement in a timely fashion.

My process gives you a way to leverage specialized market knowledge to acquire projects based on your specific risk appetite and investment strategy.

Awesome right?  It truly is.

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