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Acquire or dispose of multifamily apartments with a reliable CRE Agent, exclusively licensed in Washington, D.C., specializing in Multifamily Sales.

Solve Your Multifamily Investment Needs With Innovative Solutions

Tailored solutions for investors in Washington, D.C. who want to liquidate or acquire apartment buildings. Grow your investment portfolio for better returns. 

Corey Talley of Equilibrium Realty Brokerage, is one of Washington, D.C.‘s greatest resources because he focuses on the details.  Exclusively licensed in the District of Columbia, specializing in multifamily investments (distressed properties with high upside potential, value add projects, core, and core-plus properties)… and helping investors market their apartment buildings for sale.

He is passionate about helping investors navigate one of the nation’s most liquid real estate markets, by providing specialized market insight that maximizes upside potential and mitigates downside risk. Helping you identify investment opportunities and capture favorable returns is his primary mission.

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Great Value Add Opportunites in Washington, D.C. For Multifamily Investors

Valuating multifamily apartments and being able to provide Washington, D.C. market insight, has become second nature because Corey constantly surveys the market and evaluates the cash-flow potential of properties. Many commercial real estate agents use general valuation methods to determine market value.   Because of his effective financial modeling and feasibility analysis, you are able to consider apartment buildings for sale in Washington, D.C. that many agents overlook or never even hear about.  Multifamily investors on the VIP Property Deals list get first access to those opportunities.

If you’re interested in buying multifamily properties in Washington, D.C. with favorable upside potential (both core and value-add)… whether you plan to buy and hold longterm or reposition the property and resell it for short-term gain… join the VIP Property Deals list today to get an email when new apartment buildings become available, that fit what you’re looking for.

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Need To Sell Your Apartment Building? Liquidate With Confidence Knowing Your Property Is Effectively Positioned and Marketed. See How…

As a native of Washington, D.C., exclusively licensed in the District of Columbia, with a Master’s in Real Estate Development from Georgetown University, Corey can market your property in a way that conveys its highest value.  Specializing in multifamily investment sales allows him to provide you with in-depth market insight and marketing techniques that fetch a competitive sales price per square foot. This applies to all types of apartment buildings in any condition in the District of Columbia.

If you’re looking to sell a Washington, D.C. apartment building, I would like the opportunity to market your property. You can have a valuation and action strategy in your hands within 72 hours.  To take action, contact me by clicking the link below.

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Looking To Participate In The District of Columbia Multifamily Market? See How I Can Help You Earn Solid Returns…

Being a Commercial Real Estate Agent specializing in Multifamily Sales, I’m able to identify great investment opportunities by staying focus on one product type. My Early Alert Property Buyers list, gets first access to Washington, D.C. apartment buildings for sale before I present them to other investors.

Also, I work with qualified local investors who want to leverage real estate to help you grow your portfolio and earn solid returns. From buying multifamily core assets to locating your next value-add project with high upside potential and downside risk protection… I have options that you may be interested in.

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